For all Swiss abroad, we have the great opportunity to come from a country where we are eligible to vote so do not forget to do so!

What do we vote for on 10th June 2018

For crisis-safe money: Money creation by the National Bank only! (Sovereign Money Initiative)…/vot…/20180610/Sovereign-Money-Initiative.html

Federal Act on Gambling (Gambling Act)…/…/votes/20180610/Federal-Act-on-Gambling.html

-> Those of you who don't get the documents, you can register at the Swiss Embassy for your right to vote
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Langatun Distillery​ has won the competition against 65 Single Malts in the blind tasting with "Quinta do Zambujeiro Cask Matured" and was in the Top 15 with their Port Cask Finish at The Swiss Whisky Award 2018.
Swiss Whisky maker established themselves as serious New World Whisky producer!
Congratulation from​
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Etter Söhne AG has won the Swiss Spirits Award for the best "Wildbrand 2018".

Congratulation from Swiss Quality UK!
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This month I would like to introduce Dominique Antiglio from BeSophro. Born and raised in the "Romandie", Dominique Antiglio came to London a few years ago and started her own business.

Sophrology is similar to meditation and very popular in french speaking countries.

Listen what she has to say:
Group and Corporate Sophrology Sessions
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