Looking After Your Taxes

Understanding and complying with your tax obligations isn't straightforward, especially if dealing with more than one country.

We help people move to a new country, create structures to safeguard their assets in a tax-efficient way, and look after their tax filings.

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Blattler is an independent creative agency founded in 2003. We help brands to meaningfully engage with their audience. As a team of creative thinkers and makers we work across all marketing disciplines. We have a passion for all things printed and get excited about new technologies too. But crucially, we understand people - your audience - and we know how to get them to take note.

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Since 2001 Micha Weidmann Studio has been working with creators of high-end products build their brands, offering them unique creative solutions through art direction and design.

With our expertise in typography, photography and film, we have enabled our clients to reposition themselves to reach exclusive audiences around the world through print and digital.

The Studio’s creative approach is based on our director, Micha Weidmann’s background in Swiss design and art direction defined through working with brands such as Prada, Tate Modern and Dezeen.

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Smartville: Content, not PR The hype around new electronic media has not replaced - quite the opposite – the one dimension which has now become a precious commodity: high-quality content. Because there is so much distraction in the internet, intelligent content is more important than ever. It has to work not only for your company, but also for your interest groups. Modern communication means producing high-value content for a business sector or an interest group. Only this will reach your target group. And will make a difference to the perception of your company. And to your turnover.
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We are a small company with big ambitions. Our team in Switzerland counts 20 full time employees, our team in London counts 6 full time employees. We do all software development in-house but work with partners around the globe for distribution. Our speciality is the Swiss and UK market. coANDco has been operating in Switzerland since 2007 and in the UK since 2009. We are registered in Switzerland, England and Wales.

And what do we actually do?

Our offering is very simple. We offer three main services:
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We also support the Theodora Children's Charity:
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