Smartville: Content, not PR The hype around new electronic media has not replaced - quite the opposite – the one dimension which has now become a precious commodity: high-quality content. Because there is so much distraction in the internet, intelligent content is more important than ever. It has to work not only for your company, but also for your interest groups. Modern communication means producing high-value content for a business sector or an interest group. Only this will reach your target group. And will make a difference to the perception of your company. And to your turnover.
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We are a small and innovative music manufactory specialised in bespoke music for film and advertisements.
Depending on the project, we work together with the finest musicians, contractors, orchestrators and sound engineers from Switzerland and the UK.
We can either produce in-house or in top studio facilities, which gives us flexibility concerning the type of production and budget.

«A very unique voice and style. Something that this industry is begging for.» Adam Smalley, Music Editor of Hans Zimmer

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Lenz Films in London is a production house specialised in creating additional film content for photo shoots and corporate films, handling everything from pre- to postproduction. You tell us what you need and we make sure you work with an experienced and reliable crew. Director, Production manager, DoP, Camera Operator, Sound recordist, Editor, Composer. We build our team around you and your needs.
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We also support the Theodora Children's Charity:
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